March 16, 2008

Romance, Sarcasm, Math and Language

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If any of you aren’t currently reading the webcomic XKCD, you should be.  It’s amazing.






Don’t forget to mouse over the images and read the additional text… <secrets!>


Mies What?

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For the architects out there, or at least those who had to sit through Architectural History class, here’s a stumper:

What famous building is this downtown Baltimore skyscraper blatantly ripping off for no apparent reason?


March 10, 2008

State of the Blagosphere Address

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So, I have a blog.

Not sure how I feel about that.

Rest assured though, I’ll probably not talk (or whine) about my life. Much.

Mostly, this seems like a good way to share some pictures that I’ve been meaning to share with you all for some time and just never got around to emailing, or posting on Flickr, etc. So, let’s see how this goes, shall we?

I’ll start off with some Habitat photos… from the house I’m currently working on. Well, one of the two I’m currently working on…the one from last year never actually got finished, ha. Due to circumstances beyond my control (not my fault!).


This is it. 123 N. Bradford. Doesn’t look like much from the outside. They never do. That is, before we’re done with ’em.


The back of the same house. We demolished the addition on the back (because it was damaged by a fire) and built a new one. It will be two stories when we’re done (actually it IS done, I just haven’t photographed it yet), though the original was just one.


This is not the same house, this one is across the street, in the same block. I worked extensively on this one last fiscal year. ie; January to August of last year. This can help to give you an overview of what we do, because this is how we often begin a project. With a shell that’s been completely gutted internally and reduced to just the front facade and a hole in the ground. At this point, it’s no longer legally a rehabilitation, but a new-build. Logically so, I guess, but we (as in the whole organization) were a little unclear on that until last year when we got hit over the head with it. In the form of legal red tape and about 15,000$ worth of rebuilding to bring us up to code. *That’s* why my house from last year isn’t done yet.

The interior: the stair opening has been framed. Our stairs are pre-fabricated and I’m ready and waiting for their delivery.


Interior of the afore-mentioned addition.


We had to knock down the existing chimney. Afterward, we bricked the opening back up. Because a) it’s structurally necessary and b) it’s required to meet fire code. You need a minimum of two layers of brick in between you and your neighbor, so you hopefully won’t catch one another on fire.img_1793.jpg

We’re also required to brick all the way up to the underside of the roof. Though they didn’t used to build them this way. You can stand on a ladder in some blocks and see into your neighbor’s house (well, into the roof area above the ceiling of their second floor at least), and into their neighbor’s house, and into their neighbor’s house…. all the way down the block. An interesting quirk of living in rowhouses. Which Baltimore seems almost entirely composed of.


Our neighbor’s chimney is looking slightly precarious. Probably they removed the chimney on the inside and all of that weight is now sitting on nothing but 1″ solid wood decking. The contractors around here tend not to be too smart…. img_1806.jpg

Cleaning up the back yard after taking down the back wall. That’s my roommate and co-worker Jess, by the way. Though you’d never recognize her from that photo… img_1812.jpgimg_1817.jpg

One block over is a rowhouse with sculptures attached to it’s front face. A nice touch! Click on each to see them larger…


An all too common sight when you spend a lot of time in city alleys. Rats are everywhere. Sometimes you find them not because they’re scurrying around, but because you can smell them…

Thanks for looking, come back soon.


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